For some dishes, short cut pasta is best. It is my husband's favorite, although I'll admit a preference for the long variety.

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Lasagne Noodles

My preference is to use the Barilla which is used directly from the package (i.e. not pre-boiled) and which most reminds me of my mother's freshly made lasagne noodles. I made the fresh noodles once, but find the Barilla a very reasonable substitute.

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Each pasta has its particular use. We like linguine with medium-weight sauces. In fact, it's probably the type of pasta we use most often.

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The term "noodles" covers a lot of territory. There are so many varieties. I'll try and be specific in regard to the particular kind of noodle called for in any of these recipes.

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An essential in our kitchen. Specific varieties are right for specific recipes. Most often, I'll specify what I think works best for any given dish.

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It's difficult to find a good tortellini. So far the best choice I've found is Barilla, three cheese. I've wondered if some of the cheese used in commercial products may contain fillers. There is sometimes a coconut taste that is very disappointing, even inedible. Any pointers on this would be most welcome.

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