Classic Olive Oil

I distinguish classic olive oil from the extra virgin. For most cooking, I use the classic, sometines referred to as "regular" olive oil. I like the way it sautes. It has a very subtle flavor which adds to but doesn't detract from the other elements of a dish.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is so fantastic. Man is it fantastic.

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Olive Oil, Classic or Cooking

I use this, instead of extra virgin, for most sauteing. It is a trusted staple without which I could not do.

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Safflower Oil

This is a light tasting oil. It works very well for frying the likes of doughnuts or cookies, such as Schenkeli. More often, though, I use Safflower Oil for Asian preparations.

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Sesame Oil

This is an expensive ingredient, and well worth every penny. We use it sparingly and nothing can substitute for its flavor.

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