Beans, dried

We use dried beans for all sorts of recipes, particularly soups, but also main dishes such as chile or Northern New Mexico-style beans that we use in a wonderful version of wraps, everything wrapped into a large flour tortilla.

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Black Beans, dried

We use dried beans in many dishes, not surprisingly. Black beans are the main ingredient in a favorite of my husband's: Black Bean Chili. Do try it.

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Blackeyed Peas, dried

These dried beans have a distinctive flavor. Sometimes when they're cooking, I wonder whether or not so-and-so will like them. So far, everyone has. I use them in one particular dish, a very hearty soup (Blackeyed Pea Soup with Greens),which comes out with somewhat of a meaty texture and taste, very delicious on a cold January day.

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Cannellini Beans

I usually buy these canned, as an ingredient for a very simple soup we have when a quick supper solution is needed.

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Dried Beans, Great Northern

We use dried beans in many ways. I particularly like Great Northerns for "White Bean Soup."

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Kidney beans, canned

The few dishes in which these are used are often quickly prepared and serve as very satisfying main dishes or soups.

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