About Susanina's Vegetarian Kitchen

For many, many years, I had thought about becoming a vegetarian. I had always been an avid cook. But there was a deep desire, really an unspoken prayer, to find a way to eat wonderfully without meat, poultry, or fish.

Well, my prayer was answered in a most unexpected way. In high school, our daughter, who ate mostly meat, a few vegetables, and no fruit, became (overnight!) a vegetarian.

Both her dad, and I, and her brother, were very supportive of this decision. So began a new adventure in cooking. We have learned the wonders of cooking without meat, fish, or poultry. And what may be somewhat different about how we have done it is that we used the old dishes we loved as something of a guide, and became quite inventive in substituting ingredients.

We've come across many new ideas too. One thing we've haven't done is cook with tofu or other meat substitutes, with the exception of veggie burgers and some truly excellent substitutes for bacon and sausage. For us, taste is the ultimate test, and we enjoy fine-tuning a recipe until that test is passed to our collective satisfaction.

The objectives of this site are fairly straightforward:

  • To help anyone and everyone learn to cook wonderful vegetarian meals, without sacrificing an ounce of enjoyment.
  • To provide options for very satisfying meals which naturally lead away from overeating.
  • To foster dialogue with our visitors so that we can learn from and with each other.

We so look forward to our mutual adventure in one of life's distinct pleasures. Let us begin!