Wonderful eats, without meat

For a long time, I had a deep desire to find a way
to eat wonderfully without meat...


I've been cooking since I was in high school, and still there's something magic about it for me. You start with raw ingredients, and transform them into something special (which hopefully tastes good too!).

Where do these recipes come from? Lots of places. Some, as with many a simple pasta sauce, have been vegetarian standards through the ages. Some are adaptations of traditional, meat-based dishes. And some are original recipes that evolved with inspiration, along with plenty trial and error.

If you're ready to find some magic in your kitchen, start planning your next meal by browsing at right!

Latest Recipes

Tortellini with Asparagus and Leeks

This preparation produces a dish with decided flavor, a good counterpoint to the tortellini. There's a hint of tomato and red wine that sums it up. And, if you like, the sauce would work well with an unfilled pasta as well.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies With a Difference

These wonderful cookies have both an outer crisp and inner chewiness. What could be better? This is a BIG recipe and, depending on how much dough is used for each cookie, makes between 35 to 45 or so cookies.

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Shredded Wheat Rolls

These robust rolls make a perfect accompaniment to salads. We particularly enjoy these rolls with Chef's Salad. And, they're scrumptious without any accompaniment at all. It must be mentioned that I am indebted, once again, to my husband's Aunt Sally, of "Aunt Sally's Brownies", for this wondrous recipe.

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