Chocolate Chip Cookies With a Difference

These wonderful cookies have both an outer crisp and inner chewiness. What could be better? This is a BIG recipe and, depending on how much dough is used for each cookie, makes between 35 to 45 or so cookies.


4 cups Oatmeal, Old Fashioned
5 cups Flour, All Purpose, Unbleached
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Baking Soda
2 cups Unsalted ButterSoftened
cups Dark Brown Sugar
cups White Sugar
4   Egg/s
2 tsp VanillaI use Double Strength Penzey's
24 dry oz. Chocolate morselsI use the dark Ghirardelli


1 It is necessary to have a food processor with a steel blade for this recipe.
2 Put the oatmeal in the bowl of the food processor with the steel blade. Turn the processor on and just let the oats turn into fine meal. I do this while measuring the flour, salt, and leavening agents into a very large mixing bowl.
3 While the oatmeal is processing you can also have the butter and sugars mixing in the bowl of a large sturdy electric mixer.
4 When the oatmeal is finely ground and has the consistency of flour, mix the oatmeal and flour mixture together (a whisk works well for this)until these ingredients are well-incorporated.
5 Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
6 When the butter and sugar have become well-mixed, even somewhat fluffy, add the vanilla and continue mixing until combined.
7 Beat the eggs in one at a time so that the batter keeps smooth. It's best to do this at a moderate speed allowing the eggs to gently fold into the batter but not letting the mixing incorporate a lot of air. Patience is needed in this step.
8 Next, add the flour/oatmeal mixture on a slow speed, about one cup at a time, again allowing the batter to become well-incorporated.
9 Add the morsels. This is a substantial dough so it's alright if it seems a little stiff.
10 Use greased cookie sheets.
11 Place mounds of dough on sheets about an inch or so apart. I use a well-rounded tablespoon to make around 45 cookies or so; or if you prefer bigger cookies, a bit more dough for each mound. I have a small ice cream scoop that may hold just a bit less than a 1/4 cup of dough to make larger cookies.
12 Here's the essential part of cookie baking: how long to leave those mounds in the oven. You may have to experiment a bit. I've found that 11 minutes works for the smaller cookies, and about 13 minutes for the larger cookies. This may depend on your oven. I use the convection mode on my oven. The cookies, when baked, should have a light golden color.
13 Remove the baked cookies to cooling racks.