Confectioner's Sugar

Though I use confectioner's sugar sparingly, sometimes it's what works best for a particular result.

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Corn Syrup

Though I use corn syrup infrequently, it's indispensable when needed. This ingredient lends a sweetness without affecting the consistency of a mixture. When used moderately it does not have to over-sweeten the final product.

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Dark Brown Sugar

Dark brown sugar adds depth to so many dishes. Of course, it's wonderful in many baked goods. It also adds a lot to some vegetable dishes. To keep it soft, after opening a package, I slip in a chunk of fresh potato and just try to keep the package folded up well. I leave it in the refrigerator. There's one thing you have to remember about this method for maintaining the softness. After a while, maybe a few weeks, you have to take a very thin slice off the potato so that it doesn't become black and unsightly, or simply replace the potato chunk every few weeks.

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I may need to do some more research on harvesting honey. It is my hope that the bee-keepers take good care of the bees; I'd be sorry to have to give up this delicious ingredient. I've not yet seen honey labels promoting the bee-keepers care of the very special honey bees.

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Molasses adds a wonderful oomph to many dishes, both savory and sweet. I use it in both baked beans and pumpkin pie and is irreplaceable in both.

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White Sugar

As a keen dessert maker and eater, I am all for sugar. It just needs to be used thoughtfully. I don't like desserts to be too sweet.

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