White Rice

We are particular about our white rice. We;ve learned that we prefer a medium grain variety to the "extra fancy long grain" normally featured. We find River Rice to be a very dependable choice. Over the years, with my mother's expert input, I've learned that the proportion of liquid to rice specified in most recipes makes for an unsatisfactory result, usually very sticky rice. Rather than the two parts liquid (usually water) to one part rice, I've learned a different way to figure the proportion. Measure into a pan the amount of rice desired. Fill the pan with water up to a level just about one inch above the rice (or the space between the tip of your index finger and the first joint). That's usually just about right. I've also learned somethingelse important about rice. Depending on what season it's harvested, it retains more or less moisture. When I open a new bag of rice, the first time I use it, I start with the measurement just described. Then depending how the rice comes out, I adjust the proportion of water to rice, a little less water if the rice seems a little sticky, or a little more water if the rice seems undercooked. The difference is usually only a few tablespoons or so. While this may seem a little fussy, the process becomes "second nature" pretty quickly and makes for an excellent "batch" of rice every time.


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