Shepherd's Pie, Vegetarian Version

This is a very quick dish to prepare. Turn the oven on as the potatoes are cooking and the add-ins are being prepared. In thirty minutes, you'll be ready to sit down and enjoy some delicious vegetarian comfort food. The amounts given in this recipe are enough to serve three people, or perhaps four not-very-hungry people. We had this just two nights ago and served it with sauteed thinly sliced cabbage and onion, which makes a really lovely accompaniment. (I just saute the cabbage and onion in a little olive oil mixed with a little butter, in a covered sauce pan. I cook it gently while preparations are going on. The vegetables get a little limp, and sweeten as they cook...very tasty!)


3   Potatoes, WhiteMedium size
3 tbsp Sour Cream
¼ tsp SaltOr, to taste
¼ tsp White PepperOr, to taste
3   ScallionsSliced thinly, using green edible part as well as white bottom
1 cup PeasFrozen works well in this recipe
1 cup CornAgain, frozen works well
1 cup Cheddar CheeseExtra sharp, about 3 ounces cut very small chunks
1 cup Cheddar CheeseExtra sharp, grated


1 Gather all the ingredients together near a cutting board or whatever you use for such activities. Have on hand a fairly flat oven-worthy serving dish. It helps for ease in serving to grease it lightly with butter or whatever you prefer.
2 Wash the potatoes with the skin left on. Cut the potatoes into approximately one-inch cubes (don't fuss over this, just so they can cook in about 12 minutes or so).
3 Put the potatoes in a large sauce pan. Add cold water, just enough so that the potatoes are not quite covered.
4 Turn on the oven to 375 degrees.
5 Cook the potatoes uncovered on medium heat. Just cook them until the water evaporates. This is very important because it keeps the flavor in the potatoes instead of poured down the drain. You do have to watch a bit, but it just adds to the flavor if they get a little browned on the bottom of the pan. This takes 12 minutes or so.
6 While the potatoes are cooking, slice the scallions, prepare the cheese...set the table, whatever else is needed to be ready to sit down.
7 When the potatoes are cooked, add the sour cream, salt, and pepper. Mix, just so the sour cream is incorporated. This will be a pretty solid, slightly chunky mixture which makes the final product just about the right consistency.
8 Mix in the peas and corn (from their frozen state is fine), and then the chunks of cheese.
9 Spread this mixture in the baking/serving dish. Spread on top the shredded cheddar, which needn't be too finely shredded.
10 Bake this in the preheated oven about ten to fifteen minutes, just until the potatoes are good and hot, and the cheese just softly melted on top. The dish is ready!