Cheese Log Par Excellence

What a wonderfully fresh taste this preparation offers! Simple ingredients for a simply delicious appetizer, or a wonderful sandwich option.


8 fluid oz. Cream CheeseSoftened to room temperature
cups Cheddar CheeseExtra sharp; grated
1 cup Swiss CheeseGrated
¾ cup Bleu CheeseCrumbled
½ cup ScallionsSliced thinly
2 cups AlmondsPreferably blanched, oven-toasted at 350 degrees to a golden color, chopped


1 In a good-sized mixing bowl, combine together all the cheeses and scallions until a homogeneous mass. This can be prepared ahead and left in the refrigerator for later completion, or take the next step to complete immediately.
2 Divide the mixture in half.
3 Place the almonds on a board of some kind. I use one of my cutting boards. Make sure its big enough so that the almonds can spread some.
4 Taking a half the cheese mixture at a time, shape into a log and roll the log in the almonds, gently pressing down so that the almonds "dig" into the log and coat the surface. Keep at this until approximately half of the almonds are used. Repeat this process for the remaining half.
5 These cheese logs can then be wrapped in plastic wrap and stored, or used immediately. Of course, they should be served at room temperature to have full benefit of the combined flavors.
6 This cheese combination makes absolutely wonderful sandwiches on toasted grainy wheat bread with sliced tomato salted and peppered, and even some mayonnaise spread on the bread if you're so inclined.
7 Feel free to alter the proportion of ingredients to your preference. For example, more or less blue cheese makes the combination more, or less, piquant.
8 Also, you may like to add other additional flavors, such as a taste of soy sauce, or some sort of hot sauce. However, the logs have such a wonderful flavor, just as is.