Cheese Toasts

My husband's dad introduced me to this new way of grilling cheese on bread. The ingredients are straightforward. The process takes a little practice. Even if they don't come out looking just right the first time (or second or third ...), they'll be delicious. The cheese toasts are a wonderful accompaniment to soup. They would also work well with a simple tossed salad and a side dish of some kind of fruit.


8   Bread SlicesThickly sliced,
8 fluid oz. Cheddar CheeseExtra sharp; very thinly sliced
¼ cup ScallionsTwo or three, thinly sliced right up into the green if you like
1 tsp Lightly Salted ButterOr, as much as needed, at room temperature


1 Heat the grill or grilling pan just as you would for grilled cheese sandwiches, a medium-high heat. Have a spatula close by.
2 Toast lightly the bread slices.
3 Have all the ingredients nearby the pan or grill. The rest should be done with as little hesitation as possible.
4 For each cheese toast: put a dot of butter on the grill or pan. As it sizzles, place on top some of the sliced scallions so that they may be scattered over the bread slice. Place on top of the scallions the sliced cheese, arranging them as best you can to the shape of the bread slice. Place the bread slice over the cheese.
5 Let the cheese grill onto the bread slice. As you notice the cheese begin to crisp a bit on the edges, use the spatula by sliding it under the grilling cheese, picking up the cheese toast and placing it cheese-side-up on a plate.
6 The process of grilling takes even less than five minutes, and may vary a little in relation to the heat of the grill or pan. For best results, give this your complete attention.