Southwestern Wraps

The recipe for these wraps came about during a visit to New Mexico. You prepare all the "parts" and it's up to everyone to put them together as each prefers. However one chooses, the results are delicious.


12   Flour tortillas
2   CucumberPartially peeled in stripes and sliced pretty thinly, about a quarter inch or a bit thinner
1   Onions, Sweet or SaladSliced thinly
2 cups TomatoesDiced
1 lb. SalsaOr as much as you think needed, your choice of prepared or from scratch, mild, medium or HOT
1   Head of Iceberg LettuceJust wash it and use a good amount of the outer leaves; or use the lettuce you prefer


1 Prepare the Creamy Italian Dressing, the Rice Pilaf, and the Guacamole.
2 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
3 Wrap the tortillas in aluminum foil. Just before you're ready to sit down, heat the tortillas in the oven for just three or four minutes. Keep the tortillas warm until you're ready to sit down and begin the wrap-making.
4 Have all the "parts" on the table, hand everyone a plate, and let the fun begin.
5 Here's one recommendation for the order of composing a wonderful wrap:
6 Place a warm tortilla on the plate.
7 On the bottom half, in the middle, place a large spoonful of the Rice Pilaf.
8 Add a spoonful or two of the beans.
9 Add the cucumber, onions, tomatoes, whatever your preference.
10 Add the Guacamole and/or salsa.
11 Add the Creamy Italian Dressing either just below or just over the lettuce.
12 NOW, fold the top half over the bottom half. Then fold the two sides, left and right over toward the center, sort of like an envelope.
13 The only thing left to do, is carefully pick up the wrap and enjoy a perhaps messy, but very tasty treat.
14 We serve these wraps with Tortilla Chips on the side. Not much else is needed.