New Year's

New Year's is somewhat of a quiet celebration for us. We enjoy a night at home, still with many holiday cookies, and good company, to enjoy.

Cheese Log Par Excellence

What a wonderfully fresh taste this preparation offers! Simple ingredients for a simply delicious appetizer, or a wonderful sandwich option.

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Hot Cocoa-with-a-difference

I developed this recipe after learning the wonders of real hot cocoa at a wonderful chocolatier close by in Cambridge. Do try it and see what you think!

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Lemon Star Cookies

2003 was the first Christmas I'd baked these. I had been hoping to include in the cookie repertoire a lemon flavored cookie with a star theme. I've combined a cookie recipe with a lemon curd filling. The results are wonderful, a not-too-sweet shortbread cookie with a tart lemon curd filling. Of course you can shape them as you wish. I just love the star theme.

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Winter French Stew

Last week, as I was walking home on a cold winter evening, I caught a wonderful scent reminiscent of my pre-vegetarian days. Unmistakably, Boeuf Bourguignon. Home I went determined to come up with a vegetarian version. The result was a dish with all the flavor I remember. It's a real wintertime recipe. Particularly fun to note, we served this a few nights ago. When the guests arrived, they spoke of the inviting scent that welcomed them.

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