Supper Sandwiches, French-toasted or not

These are some wonderful sandwiches. They're good both simply grilled, or French-toasted. I've learned that it works best to choose either the mustard option or the bacon. Using both mustard and bacon together sort of cancels out the taste of each. An excellent accompaniment with these sandwiches is cole slaw, and for my husband, always some good potato chips.


4   Bread SlicesWhole grain; sliced on the thick side
8   Cheese SlicesWe like a good American such as Land of Lakes; make your choice and use as much as needed
4   Bacon Strips, VegetarianOptional; Morningstar brand is excellent; leave out if using mustard
2 tsp Mustard, preparedOr, to taste; leave out if using bacon
2   ScallionsSliced thinly
2 tbsp Green PepperFinely diced or sliced; to taste
2   Egg/s
2 tbsp Milk
2 tsp Lightly Salted ButterOr as much is needed to grill


1 If you're French-toasting, in a pie plate or something like it, beat the eggs. Add the milk and white or black pepper, if using, and beat gently until these ingredients are well-incorporated.
2 Grill the bacon, if using, until crisped.
3 Preheat whatever surface you're using to grill the sandwiches.
4 Lay out two slices of bread. Spread each with mustard, if choosing that option.
5 Put on top enough cheese to cover the surface of the bread slice. Distribute the scallions and green pepper, as you choose.
6 Distribute bacon, if choosing that option.
7 Place cheese slices on top, again to cover surface of bread. Place the bread slices to "close" the sandwiches.
8 If French toasting, somewhat gingerly, dip each sandwich in the egg mixture, turning over to make sure that each bread slice absorbs some.
9 Put a little butter on the heated surface and let it melt. Place each sandwich on the surface to grill. With a spatula, check after a minute or so, depending on the heat. When browned on one side, turn over and let the bread grill on the other side and the cheese melt some.
10 Lift onto a plate and, hopefully, enjoy.
11 If grilling without French-toasting, put just a little bit of butter where you're going to grill each sandwich. When it has melted, place the sandwich on top and move around a little to distribute the butter. Gently butter the upside piece of bread. When the one side of the sandwich is sufficiently grilled, turn the sandwich over and let the other side grill until just the way you like it.
12 Please note: during the preparation process, it's possible that some of the little scallion slices and green pepper pieces may slip out of the sandwiches. That's okay. While grilling, if I can't coax the little veggies to stay inside, I just let the them grill along with the sandwiches and be served alongside. If the preparation is a little messy, I think you'll find the results worth it.