Stephen's Scrambled Eggs

Son, Stephen, and friend were preparing a somewhat impromptu breakfast one morning. What they prepared is well worth repeating. This simple recipe produces delicious results. The ingredients are few and easily found. It's the process that's important.


7   Egg/s
1 tsp Lightly Salted Butter
½ cup Yellow Oniondiced about one quarter inch
½ cup ParsleyFlat or Curly, minced
½ cup Cheddar CheeseExtra Sharp, diced a scant half inch


1 Break the eggs into a medium size bowl and scramble them well. Add the parsley so that it's well-mixed into the egg.
2 Heat a small or medium size saute pan on medium heat. As it's heating, add the butter. After it's melted add the diced onion. Let the onion saute, as much as possible without mixing, until it just begins to brown and is quite fragrant.
3 Add to the pan the egg/parsley mixture. At this point sprinkle on top the diced cheddar. Using a spoon or even a small heat-worthy spatula, flip the egg over itself gently, as the egg cooks to the desired doneness. The cheddar should keep its integrity rather than become incorporated into the cooked egg.
4 That's it. Serve on slightly heated plates if possible. I let each one decide on the addition of salt and black pepper, both of which I think contribute to the flavor of this dish.
5 This recipe for eggs can be used in multiple ways. Salsa is an excellent condiment. The eggs can be used as an element in Huevos Rancheros. Broken corn tortillas can be sauteed with the onion prior to adding the egg mixture. Let your imagination, and inspiration, be your guide.