New Mexican Beans

This recipe evolved during a visit with some family in New Mexico. One evening we prepared these beans and used them as a basis for some very delicious wraps. If you can't find the special green chiles, use fresh chiles. I've even been known to substitute Pepperoncini (found in most supermarkets in glass bottles) with very good results though a slightly different flavor.


1 dry oz. Beans, driedPinto or black recommended
2   Bouillon CubesOr enough to flavor four cups of water; Knorr recommended
½ tsp CuminOr to taste; recommend a generous teaspoon
1 clove GarlicMinced
3 tbsp Green Chile PepperLarge dice, fresh or frozen, if possible; medium degree of
6 cups WaterOr enough to cover beans by about two inches


1 Rinse the beans with cold water in a good sized saucepan. Cover the beans with cold water to about two inches above the beans. Either let the beans sit overnight or bring them uncovered to a boil; let them boil for two minutes; cover the pot, remove from heat and let them sit for at least an hour.
2 You'll find that the beans have expanded and softened some. Add the rest of the ingredients and let simmer with cover askew for about two hours. Check periodically after about an hour to make sure there is enough water so that the beans won't burn.
3 Finally, though, the water should be mostly evaporated so that all the flavor is in the beans. The beans should be tender, but still keep their shape. Just keep adding water and let the beans cook until they reach that consistency. When they get pretty close, leave the cover off the pot so that the water can evaporate leaving just a little liquid at the very bottom of the pan.
4 The beans are now ready simply to eat with rice, or as a component of Southwestern Wraps (see recipe), or as a component for Taco Salad.