Eggs Goldenrod

We really enjoy this as a supper dish. However, as a child, one of my friend's dads prepared this dish for us on the occasion of special weekend sleep-over mornings. Unforgettable. This is really yummy, sort of comfort food. You can get inventive with additions. Green peas works well. But, I've finally decided that I really prefer the dish unadorned, with any additions on the side.


3   Shredded Wheat BiscuitsSplit in half and, if possible, heated just slightly in the oven on the serving plates
3   Egg/sHard boiled and separated.
2 tbsp Unsalted Butter
2 cups MilkI usually use whole, skim works well too
¼ tsp Salt
¼ tsp White Pepper


1 Place the Shredded Wheat biscuits, halved on two oven-worthy plates, so that there are three halves on each plate. This recipe serves two.
2 The hard-boiled whites should be diced into one-half-inch pieces. Place the yolks in a small bowl and place near the stove where you'll be preparing the sauce. Have nearby a fine grater which will be used to grate the yolks.
3 Place the plates with biscuits in a three hundred degree oven, just to warm the plates and crisp the biscuits some. They should be in the oven for five minutes or so.
4 In a medium saute pan, over medium heat, melt the butter. Take the pan off the heat and add the flour. Mix well with a whisk or mixing spoon. With the pan off the heat, pour in the milk. Return the pan to the heat and immediately begin gently mixing with the whisk. Continue mixing as the mixture heats. You'll find that as it comes to a bubble, that the mixture thickens into a smooth sauce. Add the salt and pepper (both of which are missed if omitted). Add the cut-up egg whites and let the mixture keep well-heated but preferably not boiling (although that has happened without bad results).
5 Take the plates out of the oven (use oven holders). Place the plates on the counter or at the table. Evenly distribute the sauce over the biscuits. Then, very important, shred the egg yolks over the sauce, distributed as well as possible.