Raspberry Filling

This intensely flavored filling can be used in a variety of ways, with cakes, refrigerated desserts, or just as a sauce with fresh raspberries added. Notice, just three ingredients!


24 dry oz. Frozen RaspberriesTwo 12 ounce bags, normally found in a supermarket Frozen Department
12 fluid oz. Currant jellyI find this size jar in a local supermarket; hope you do too
2 tbsp CornstarchSlightly rounded


1 Place frozen berries in collander over some sort of dish and allow berries to thaw, saving liquid that may accumulate in dish.
2 Place defrosted berries in food mill, using the smallest-holed milling attachment that you have. Place mill over good sized sauce pan. Work the food mill so that the berry flesh goes into the sauce pan while the raspberry seeds stay in the food mill.
3 Add the cornstarch to the raspberries that are now crushed and in the sauce pan. Mix in the cornstarch such that no white lumps are left.
4 Add the currant jelly and cook on medium heat stirring constantly until the mixture is bubbling. Let it simmer just a few minutes while continuing to stir to make sure that the cornstarch is fully cooked.
5 Let cool and use as you wish.
6 Add whole fresh berries when cooled if using this as a berry dessert sauce.