Asian Marinade

This marinade works well with any grilling items. It's particularly wonderful with portabella mushrooms. Be prepared for delicious aromas and scrumptious taste.


1 clove GarlicMinced finely
½ tsp Ginger, groundOptional; can also use fresh ginger, perhaps a tablespoon finely diced
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp SherryI use cooking sherry, no need to be too fussy; fruit juice may be substituted
2 tsp MolassesJust a little works for both taste and consistency
2 tsp Sesame OilOptional


1 Mix the ingredients together in the pan which you're using for marinating.
2 Add the vegetables, or other items. With a large spoon, gently mix the items around so that they have at least some of the marinade sauce on them.
3 Leave the items to soak up the marinade up to two hours or so, mixing them once in a while just to redistribute the marinade. I've had success tossing the veggies with the marinade for just a few minutes before grilling. As long as you brush or spoon the marinade while the items are grilling, the flavor seems to absord well into the cooked food.
4 This past weekend it was quite warm and humid out. I opted for marinating portabellas in the morning, just for a few minutes. Then I broiled the mushrooms in our oven, turning them a few times to incorporate the marinade. When the mushrooms looked nicely cooked, I took them out, placed them in a serving dish (uncovered) and left them out until just before supper. Then we baked them for ten minutes or so at 350 degrees. The mushrooms were delicious, with both wonderful flavor and texture.
5 Note that you can alter the proportions of the ingredients to your taste. Also, you can increase the amounts using the same proportions if more marinade is needed.