Grilled Reuben Sandwiches

We really enjoy these sandwiches. Even if you think you don't like sauerkraut, you might like to try them, as my husband did. We find these to be a wonderful cold-weather supper, accompanied by Apple Salad.

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4   Bread SlicesA good sturdy dark rye or pumpernickel, preferably with caraway seeds is an excellent choice.
8   Cheese SlicesSwiss is the classic choice; try a combination of Swiss and Provolone.
14 fluid oz. SauerkrautWe usually buy this size can; buy whatever you need.
1 tbsp Lightly Salted ButterOr unsalted, as you prefer
¼ cup Yellow OnionScant, diced very small


1 Heat a grill or pan as you would to grill sandwiches.
2 Heat a small pot on medium-low heat.
3 Add to the heated pot, one teaspoon of butter. After it melts, add the diced onions and let them saute briefly, just until they become translucent, a minute or so.
4 Drain the can of sauerkraut, and add the sauerkraut to the pot. Let the sauerkraut saute as you prepare the sandwiches to grill. I like the sauerkraut to brown just a little. This softens the flavor of the sauerkraut a little and also adds to the flavor of the finished sandwich.
5 To compose the sandwiches, place two slices of bread on a flat surface. Place two slices of cheese on top of each slice. Then, place a few spoonfuls of sauerkraut over the cheese on each slice of bread. Then, distribute about a tablespoon or so of the Thousand Island Dressing over the sauerkraut. Then place two slices of cheese over the dressing. Finally, place a bread slice on top to complete composing each sandwich.
6 To grill, for each sandwich, place a dot of butter on the grill or pan; spread the butter a little somewhat in the shape of the sandwich slices.
7 Place each sandwich on top of the melted, distributed butter.
8 While the sandwiches are grilling on that side, spread butter on the top slice, evenly and sparingly.
9 After a couple of minutes, turn the sandwiches over to grill on the other side. The cheese should melt some. Turn the heat down and leave the sandwiches on a little longer if needed.
10 The sandwiches are ready.