This wonderful Mediterranean dish probably has as many recipes as those who prepare it. Please use this recipe as a point of departure for you to add or subtract according to your taste. This dish is a mainstay Thanksgiving appetizer, served with boursin and London Townehouse crackers, really a scrumptious combination. Do try it!


6 cups Colored PeppersYou may need about 4 or 5 good size peppers.
2 cups Yellow OnionSliced the same as the peppers, with slices cut in half.
2 tsp RosemaryCrushed
½ tsp SaltOr, to taste
3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
¼ cup Olives, MediterraneanPitted, and cut into pieces about 1/4 inch or so.
1 clove GarlicIf the clove is small, use two.


1 In a large saute pan which has been heated over medium heat, pour the olive oil. Let is heat a few seconds.
2 Add the peppers and onion. Mix them with a spoon as they begin to saute.
3 Add the salt and rosemary. Let this mixture saute for some time until it becomes somewhat the consistency of marmalade. Every once in a while, mix with a spoon to make sure the peppers and onions are cooking similarly. This may take 30 minutes or so, depending on the heat and size of your pan.
4 Add the garlic and cook just a few minutes while stirring. Remove from heat and add the olives.
5 This dish is quite wonderful served at room temperature. It also make a wonderful base for a pasta sauce.