Cranberry Sauce

When I found out how simple it is to make cranberry sauce, there seemed no reason ever to buy it again. The reason I like to make it is partly just for the fun of it, but also because I can make it as sweet or tart as we like. This recipe tends toward the tart.


12 dry oz. Cranberries
½ cup White Sugar


1 Wash the cranberries and drain them. It doesn't hurt to leave whatever droplets of water remain after washing.
2 Put the berries in a medium sauce pan.
3 Add the sugar.
4 Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly.
5 As the sugar begins to melt, and the berries begin to burst, they will combine. The mixture will bubble some, and within even less than five minutes after this become thickened to a consistency that is a bit syrupy.
6 That's it. Just pour it into a dish for serving, as long as the dish is sturdy enough to take the heat. If not, the cooked sauce can either cool in the sauce pan or in a heat-worthy bowl.