Cranberry Sauce

When I found out how simple it is to make cranberry sauce, there seemed never again to be a reason to purchase it in a can. By preparing the sauce yourself, you can sweeten the sauce to your preference, which, in our home is very lightly.


12 dry oz. Cranberries
½ cup White Sugar


1 Pour the cranberries in the pan in which you're going to cook them. You'll find a medium size saucepan works well. I rinse the cranberries twice and drain them with the cover askew. A little water still clings to the berries and that little bit of water is just what's needed for the sauce to come out mostly berries with just a little sauce connecting them. The amount of water may be two tablespoons or so.
2 Add sugar.
3 Cook over medium heat. As you stir it, the berries and sugar will begin to combine into a sauce. Let the sauce bubble softly, just until the berries begin to burst and the sauce is thickened slightly (just a little less than you like because it will thicken more as it cools).
4 Let the sauce cool some if you are transferring it immediately to a serving dish, or just store the sauce in some kind of left-over container in the refrigerator. It is best served at room temperature.