Braised Carrots

This is a wonderful addition to many types of meals, hot or cold, any season. It has a little texture, a little sweetness, a little piquancy ... very tasty, and very simple to prepare. This serves three as a side dish.


2 cups Carrotssliced
2 tbsp Lemon Juicefreshly squeezed
1 tbsp Lightly Salted Butter
2 tbsp Dark Brown Sugar


1 Placed the sliced carrots in a medium size sauce pan. Add just enough water so that the carrots are just barely covered.
2 This is important because the carrots should have only the amount of water needed to cook them to a point when they still have a little bite, and the water has all evaporated. It's a little tricky because we don't want them to burn on the bottom. This method of cooking vegetables keeps all the vegetable flavor in the dish instead of losing the flavor with the drained cooking water. Some people do this by using a steamer. I find this method simpler with an excellent product as the result.
3 Bring the carrots and water to a simmer over medium heat. Leave the pot without a cover because we want the water to evaporate as the carrots are cooking. As you're busy with other things, give this pot enough attention so that you know when the water has evaported and the carrots are cooked.
4 Then, just add to the cooking pot the butter, sugar, and lemon juice. Let them saute now at a medium hot temperature, stirring them all the time. As it cooks, and the liquid evaporates, you will be left with carrots just nicely coated with the added ingredients. The sauce should get to a sort of syrupy stage. The dish is ready to serve.
5 It is good both hot, and also at room temperature.